Wyclef jean dating

Akon and Lil' Wayne are also featured as they also seemingly are waiting for possible deportation.

In this remix, Nicki removes Lil Wayne's verse, replacing it with a verse from herself. At the beginning of the video, Wyclef Jean is given the mission to prevent the video's lead female from being deported back to her home country, which is said to be hostile.

Lisa and Wyclef, who were more than just client and manager seem to be sharing a friendly relationship as seen in a tweet by Lisa in 2011. Her perspective is that the scandal was a planned act to attack her public image and took her voice to the media.

Akon's & Wyclef's verses are switched on the remix.A winner of three Grammy Awards for his musical contribution, Wyclef has released hundred of songs on 12 different albums.His fans have been listening to his work through You Tube, Spotify, and other mediums.Because of his immense popularity and work success, Wyclef has been able to earn a lot of fame as well as money, which puts his net worth value to be 10 million dollars.Caption: Ariel view of Wyclef's house in Miami.

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