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How about competitive female video game players who wear cool outfits and are all getting women more invested in the video game industry? Who are some other awesome female gamers that we get familiar with? 15 Signs You’re A Nerd And Proud Of It In GIFs Follow us on Twitter!That's what The Frag Dolls do, and we think they're pretty dope for it. We met a year prior — she’s 10 years older than me, she’s a teacher, she’s a great listener, she’s lived a helluva life — and instead of bringing that boil down to a simmer, her suggestion was a crazy one: pack up your sh*t. I camped when I was kid — because of, I guess Girl Scouts — but climbing a a giant mountain, hiking through desert, walking in snow, and going to Africa for 10 days seemed OUTRAGEOUS. *I came back and I was hooked on a feeling: on travel, on nature, on adventure, on exploring the world, and exploring my own potential. As soon as I came back from Africa, I traveled solo to the Swiss Alps, stayed in a hostel in Chamonix, and skiied by myself. We went our separate ways and wished nothing but the best. I hope this gives you some context of who I was before I appeared on You Tube. I’m just excited to have a place to talk about things that might not always have a place on YT. If you don’t turn down the heat, the pot overflows. I booked my ticket without telling my parents (for fear they’d veto the idea). We celebrated New Year’s Eve in a tent in the snow. It is one of the most significant decisions of my life. I almost didn’t show up because I wanted to save gas. My life would have been completely altered had I not showed up. I think this blog will help me continue to unpack the thoughts rolling around in my head while pulling in discussions that are important to you guys, the readers.I’m also savvy enough to know that there is a lot of awfulness when it comes to girls who game.

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According to a Smosh Pit Weekly episode, she always takes her traveling buddy, a monkey doll she calls Silvio, along.

Mom put me in ballet when I was 2 ½ years old and now it’s my job.

So, if you’ve made it this far, I thank you for taking the time to read my first post.

Mariko Takahashi (夫), (born November 2, 1984) most commonly known as Mari or her nickname Atomic Mari, is a member of Smosh Games and was the host of Smosh Pit Weekly, a weekly show on the Smosh 2nd Channel that is focused on the various images, videos, and articles found in the Smosh Pit on the Smosh website.

She rarely appears on videos uploaded on the main Smosh channel as of 2017. She's in the bathroom playing a Pokemon Tournament with a Gameboy Advance SP.

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