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So it doesn’t matter you are addicted to what type of north Indian food, Dastarkhwan serves you all Royal Cafe, one of the most famous, finest and best family restaurants in Lucknow which serves veg and non-veg both types of famous Lucknow foods that is worth to money, located in heart of the city Hazratganj.

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However, Royal Cafe offers full dining options for foodies in Lucknow, but there are some must eat mouth watering and super tasty recipes which you should definitely eat whenever you get a chance to visit Hazratganj.

So it is also a must try experience in Lucknow.: 10 A, Kasturba Market, Chowk Sri Lassi Corner, again a top famous eating joint of Chowk Lucknow which is very close to the main shop of Tunday Kababi Chowk. Sri Lassi Corner is mainly famous for its spicy, delicious, mouth-watering and finger licking Chole Bhature.

As the name seems ‘Sri Lassi Corner’, it offers verities of Lassi (local north Indian drink mixture of sugar, milk & curd). It is best places to eating out in Lucknow till late night (11 PM).

And these food items are basket chat (tokri chaat) , aloo tikki, paani puri, golgappas, biriyani and non veg kabab.

So try some of them and don’t forget to post your comment or feedback about this best restaurant once you visit there.: 9/7, Shahnazaf Rd, Opposite Saharaganj Mall, Lucknow Again a most popular food place in Lucknow, located in Aminabad and very close to a most famous non-veg restaurant Tunday Kababi.

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