Dating within your church not take dating so seriously

A lot of church culture is cerebral, and that’s why sometimes the guys who can give the best answers rise to leadership even though they can’t and won’t live out half of what they’re selling.

And so eventually, a church culture is created where men aren’t challenged and provoked, but comfortable. But this is simply symptomatic of the larger picture.

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They grow frustrated at their girlfriends when part of their frustration ought to be toward themselves.2. ”Even career-wise, I run across more ambitious girls than I do guys. The substance, motives, and means measure the value of an ambition.

And I hope it’s one of these guys asking my girl on a date someday.

But if I’m honest, I have some reservations about these guys too.

And even if you see too many loose ends with those scenarios, isn’t that still far better than some guy who isn’t committed to a church community or any community for that matter? Guys in isolation could range anywhere from stand up dude, to a total faker who can highly adapt to his surroundings. But try this experiment: Go to any church guy and ask him, “What does it mean to be a Biblical man” and watch the train wreck ensue as he tries to duct tape “Jesus” and “the glory of God” together.

But then ask him how his sports fantasy team is doing or when the last time he engaged in his hobby. And even if he nails his answer, what about his life?

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